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Alfred Pino L/Cpl
USMC B/1/9 KIA 16 Mar 67

Robert Kruger PFC
USMC E/2/3 KIA 03 May 67

George McClelland S/Sgt
USMC B/1/26 25 Feb 68

Matt Dwyer L/Cpl
USMC A/3rd Engrs KIA 28 Feb 68

Rich Corcoran Capt
USMC HQ Co 3/Div KIA 07 Jun 68

Leonard Bird 1/Lt
USMC VMFA-115 KIA 13 Jun 68

Reuben C. McMakins Cpl
USMC KIA 14 Apr 68 881N

Richard J. De Lotto
A Friend From Clifton

Richard J. De Lotto
A Friend From Clifton

Richard J. De Lotto
A Friend From Clifton

Richard J. De Lotto
A Friend From Clifton

Richard J. De Lotto
A Friend From Clifton

Richard J. De Lotto
A Friend From Clifton

Thomas A. Pierce
L CO 3/26


By Beryl H. Bushaw

This is remembrance of two fallen Marine heroes who died 23 years apart in two different Wars. First, my Uncle, Sgt. Ray E. Bushaw 3/24 Reg. 4th. Marine Div. KIA on March 3rd. 1945 during the assault on Hill 382, Iwo Jima, Sulpher Islands in WWII. My Uncle Ray was my main inspiration to join the Marine Corps in 1966.

Second, my friend Don Saunders who was KIA on March 4th. 1968 during the Siege of Khe Sanh. I served with Don with 1/13 from July 1967 until his death. Don was a good and loyal friend to all; it was my honor to have known and served with Don at Khe Sanh.

L/Cpl.Beryl H. Bushaw
USMC 1966-1968

By Craig W. Tourte

Interesting about life and the little twists and turns it takes. Beryl called me on the telephone today. Those of you who receive the Red Clay magazine might remember the photo that Tom Horchler took of our little unit standing in front of the truck after the Siege and just before we loaded up and left Khe Sanh, although I‘m afraid I may have misidentified Beryl in the photo. It was the first time I had talked to Beryl since Quang Tri where we all ended up some forty years ago. We talked about an hour, an emotional moment for the both of us I’m sure. Beryl asked about Fred Thomas Jr. He said that he had made several attempts at contacting people by that name but without any luck. We were all pretty close at Khe Sanh and made various promises to visit each other should we survive. It was with great sadness that I told Beryl that Fred had extended his tour and was KIA in the early part of 1969. Mike Fishbaugh sent the story to me and I wrote a little article about it in Red Clay and posted something on the board about it.

I asked Tom Eichler to send Beryl the new edition of Red Clay and a few past editions. Beryl recently got a computer and just found our web site, this is his first POST. It’s good to have another join out family and a pretty nice surprise to have on our birthday.

Welcome home Beryl and welcome to the brotherhood.









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